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Winter is Coming

One of our original team leaders, Brenda is a person that is very passionate about the work we do. She is someone that cares about her fellow human to the very depth of her core.

Brenda also heads up the CARE team (Compassion And Respect for Everyone) that goes out on Sundays to reach the more remote encampments in the river valley and other areas of Edmonton and area.

This is not easy work that we do. It can be a heavy burden to see so many folks suffering needlessly. We do our best, but ultimately we need for everyone that lives in Edmonton to be aware of what the situation is for our unhoused neighbours and we need to advocate for them to get housing.

Here is Brenda's post from this past Sunday.


We were wondering if CARE Team would find folks today as a volunteer mentioned they heard evictions had happened where we were planning to go.

We had never seen so many folks at those sites before. 2 stops along the corridor, 37 folks served. One of our volunteers stopped on their way their home and served 5 more community members.

We talked to one couple with a 13 year old dog, the landlord did not do upkeep on their former home and it was condemned. One of our volunteers is going to bring a friend and help cut the dogs nails, they are curling in and need to be done, one of the owners can barely walk and not only is the pup having a hard time, so is she with the scratches on her feet. When you don’t have running water, infection is a big risk.

Which brings us to Jodie, we have talked to her many times and celebrated when her son told her to come live with him. The landlord did not agree and now she is back on the street. With an infection in her leg. We chatted about the various places we have seen her over the last year, both south and north, housed and unhoused. Mostly unhoused.

Now to Toni, articulate, able to advocate for herself and others and pet mom to Sweetie, that is her emotional support dog, they need a home. Been out there since April, winter is coming.

Auntie and Uncle are also here, with a well cared for camp. A niece comes to visit, she wishes they would have a proper roof over their heads. Mentions that she hopes the lawsuit against the city brings change. Me too.

9 back packs, snack bags, water, harm reduction and tobacco were handed out in a very short time. We even got to see our friend Peter in a different spot, we did not recognize as out of context but that laugh gave him away, we shared hugs and his squirrels are on guard duty back at his home.

Thank you new volunteer Nicole, I hope you come back.


The City of Edmonton has not presented a winter plan yet. We are days away from the first snow fall.

Please share if you can! If you have warm winter clothing, we will make sure it gets to someone that needs it.

E-transfers to purchase supplies are always welcomed.

We are 100% volunteer run. We can't do what we do without your help.

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