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Get to Know Our Founder

Meet the Founder!

Four friends that do street outreach activities on their own decided to collaborate to make a larger impact on collecting and distributing donations to the unhoused community of Edmonton.


Rebecca Reid


With her smile and her great big heart, Rebecca hits the street with the rest of her wagon family to bring some comfort to those living rough on the streets of Edmonton.

Rebecca is also a proud descendant of the Kahkewistahaw Cree First Nation, Treaty 4. She is a fire keeper, and a drum keeper as well as a former singer for Chubby Cree.

Having lost her niece to a drug poisoning, she is very passionate about Harm Reduction. Rebecca teaches Naloxone Administration in her spare time.

Rebecca is trained in Studio III Low Arousal Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, a certificated approach that is Human-Rights based, as well as Trauma-Informed Care. Rebecca is also a trained Bio-hazard Remediation Technician which means she has training in blood-borne pathogens and cross contamination.

One bottle of water may not change the world, but it may make all the difference to that one person's day.

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