Get to Know Our Founders

Meet the Founders!

Four friends that do street outreach activities on their own decided to collaborate to make a larger impact on collecting and distributing donations to the unhoused community of Edmonton.


Claire Pearen


Claire is an activist, and a helper that is loved by all that meet her. She is a vibrant force of nature that puts others before herself and makes sure that our unhoused community is well cared for.  Energetic, compassionate and strong, she is a recognized face on the streets of Edmonton.


Jenn Vidrih


That vibrant smile and kind eyes belong to a lady that works her butt off!  Mother of twins, makeup artist, chefinthenude (foodie/best cook ever!) AND she manages to fit in Water Warriors as well.  Jenn has a huge heart and a passion for all that she does.  We are incredibly grateful to have her on our team.


Barb Sharpe


With a keen belief in the power of charity and volunteer work, Barb Sharpe is committed to changing the world. Barb founded "GiveBack Edmonton"; by community, for community.  Barb is largely responsible for helping us get the donations of clothing etc. and organizing everything to get them out on the street. There really couldn’t be a more dedicated volunteer, and we’re so happy to have Barb as part of the Water Warriors YEG team.


Rebecca Reid


With her smile and her great big heart, Rebecca hits the street with the rest of her #wagonfam to bring some comfort to those living rough on the streets of Edmonton. Rebecca is also a force of nature with YEGfoodie where her passion is to help local food-based businesses get the word out. One bottle of water may not change the world, but it may make all the difference to that one person's day.