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Big Hug

Frequently Asked Questions

What days do you go out on?

  • Street Outreach Team- Thursday evening

  • CARE Team - Sunday afternoon

  • Donation sorting - Monday afternoon

  • Sandwich making - Wednesday evening

  • "Water Wing" - as needed

  • Mobile Support Team - as needed

  • Harm Reduction Team - usually accompanies Street Team, CARE Team and Mobile Support Team.

How old do I need to be to volunteer?

Sorting Donations and Sandwich teams are family friendly.  We do ask that parents/guardians be present at all times. CARE Team is also family friendly, but your littles need to be able to walk approximately 5 kilometres over 3 hours.  Street Outreach team members need to be a minimum of 16 years of age and be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

How do I get a physical donation to you to hand out to community members?

All of our drop off locations are on private property. You will need to contact us with the area of the city that you live in so we can provide you with the address of the volunteer that lives closest to you.

If I donate, can I get a charitable tax receipt?

No. We are not a CRA registered charity.

If I volunteer, do I need to show up every week?

No! We want to work around your schedule. When you are available, you can RSVP to that event.

Self care is very important to us, we want to make sure that you are happy and healthy to be able to go out to serve community members.

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