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Volunteer for Water Warriors YEG | Charity

Bringing Hope to the Street of Edmonton

Our Water Warriors YEG Street Outreach Teams are full of people that have big hearts and want to give back to the community.

We have many volunteer activities besides the street outreach team as well. It takes a lot of preparation and organization to get a team out. There are many other helping hands needed to support the wagons on the street.

We would love to have you join us!

Volunteer: Welcome


Join the Water Warriors Volunteer Family today.


Harm Reduction Team

Our Harm Reduction Team hits the street several times per week to distribute life saving paraphernalia and supplies to those in need.

We provide all the needed training for this very special group of volunteers.

Donation Sorting

Do Good Together! Sorting donations helps to keep things organized and gets the items into the hands of the folks that need the items the most.


CARE team (Compassion And Respect for Everyone) hikes the river valley to bring backpacks full of supplies to unhoused encampments.

Get your steps in and join us today!

Street Outreach Team

Join our #wagongang and help distribute donations to our most vulnerable.

We love to have fun and it shows!

Volunteer: Get Involved
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