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Who We Are

Water Warriors YEG was founded in the summer of 2020 to fill the gap for Edmonton's unhoused community's access to water.

We started with a borrowed wagon and begging for supplies from our friends and family, to now being able to assist approximately 500 of our unhoused neighbours per week.

We are able to supply water, snacks, clothing, harm reduction, hygiene items and hope to our community members. Our team is mobile, so we go to where we are needed, reaching folks that have mobility and addiction issues. We never just "drop and go". We make connections, we listen, we help as we are able. We advocate and offer supports as needed.

We are inclusive. We have many volunteers that have lived experience and want to give back to the community. We are a religion free group. We are trauma informed, de-escalation ready and truth and reconciliation aware.

We are a 100% volunteer run organization. We are in the process of formally registering as a society.


Our Mission

Bringing water, food, harm reduction and supplies to the people living rough on the streets of Edmonton.

Image by Matt Collamer

Our Values

Water Warriors YEG | Charity is a charity located in Edmonton, AB. Since our beginnings in 2020, Water Warriors YEG | Charity has always maintained a philanthropic set of beliefs and values. Among these are:

  • We believe that no one should ever be hungry, thirsty or unhoused

  • We believe in an inclusive community

  • We believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect

  • We believe that everyone has the right to choose, and the right to refuse

  • We believe that there is strength in community. We are stronger together.

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