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Time for Kindness

We are excited to announce that we have been chosen as the first Community Partner for the Time For Kindness launch!

From their website;

Every month, our committee selects local organization or a local fundraising cause that have been submitted to us for consideration. At the end of the month, the committee collaborates with Arcadia Brewing to determine the "net profit," which will be donated to the selected local organizations. This includes sales of products both within our taproom and outside.
Other initiatives include the use of our upstairs space by local organizations to host separate fundraisers, staff gatherings, or organization awareness nights.
We also aim to regularly release special beers and labels in collaboration with local organizations to help raise awareness for their causes.

Arcadia has their own outreach team led by one of Edmonton's best outreach leaders, Will Cardinal. The Board as a whole is made up of some really spectacular humans.

Arcadia is located in the lovely Manchester Square. There are patio tables and chairs set out when the weather is good. Here is hoping for some great weather!

Find out more about the launch in this article HERE

We are looking forward to seeing some of your smiling faces on Friday, April 5th.

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